A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

[Note: This is a very early prototype. The game is being rebuilt from the ground up in a new engine, though will preserve much of the existing tone and gameplay]

You play as Kitty Herself on her quest to get a burger (hence the title). 

Like many little girls, she's too small to jump gaps, but that's what guns are for!  Blast yourself around, blast targets, blast anybody in your way in this unique 3D platformer!

This is more of a proof-of-concept than a proper demo, as it's missing lots of art, sound effects, and quality-of-life improvements.

(Note:  The game is playable on keyboard and mouse, but a gamepad is recommended.)

If you like the demo, follow twitter.com/kitty_herself for updates on development.

Controls  (There are also tutorials in-game)

WalkLeft Stick
AimRight Stick
Fire Gun
Right Trigger
Left Mouse
Holster Gun
Select Sticker
Left/Right Dpad
Left/Right Arrows
Place Sticker

The Linux build was tested on a 6-year-old Fujitsu laptop and it ran terribly with visual glitches.  I'm hoping that's because it's an old computer, but you've been warned.


Kitty Gets a Burger (Windows v2) 20 MB
Kitty Gets a Burger (Linux 64 bit) 98 MB
Kitty Gets a Burger (Windows "old and busted" Edition) 20 MB


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Cute characters. I love the variance between the dialogue options and what you actually say when you choose them. Really funny and charming. Great progress so far -- I remember when you first started posting, and all you had was a generic stick figure and some fast-moving traffic. Keep it up!

A couple issues:

1. When I tried to use the second gun rack, my gun disappeared entirely and I just couldn't get it back. Had to play in traffic, and then I spawned with it again. I think when you talk to someone, your weapon disappears.

2. The sticker from the tower disappears when you use it and when you save it says you have no stickers.

3. Some collision issues with the ladders/stairs means it's a complete gamble whether they'll work or not.

Btw, does jumping provide a little bit of a speed boost? The character looks dang cute skipping like that.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!  The gun disappearing is actually because B also holsters the gun, and there's a bug where it still happens when exiting menus.  Multiple people have been thrown for a loop by that, so I'll need to fix it, and probably have a prompt to pull it back out.  I'll also take a look at the other bugs, there's some refinement I need for ladders and movement in general.

It's neat you noticed the skipping!  Yep, it's 10-20% faster to jump.


"It's neat you noticed the skipping!  "

Hundreds of hours playing Morrowind and jumping everywhere all the time can mess you up like that 😂